Redefining The Neighborhood
Driving System.

The Emoji Gang

Our founders founded this company on the believe that all rides should be cheap and affordable for all regardless of class, social status or circumstances. The emoji gang are a group of college friends that found each other simply by accident.

Having been stock in the frozen winter cold of Manitoba and simply not having enough money to board a cab. P jokingly said why don’t we start our own ride sharing platform that’s as cheap as hell. I’ll say $6 pair ride regardless of distance and so the rest they say is history.

Wondering why we called the emoji gang? It’s simple because we are clowns. But really though, out of our nonsense pick a sense.

Our Team​

We have a fundamental believe that your work should be a safe heaven of comfort, relief and satisfaction not a place of discomfort, distress and panic. A place of joy and of laughter, a place full of fun to be around. Not to be dreaded, feared or traumatized about it. To that end we’ve built a very fun and welcoming environment to be around for both our staff and clients

We are a team of new young stars from various works of life, religious and cultural background. We openly welcome any creative criticism and constantly work to better improve our services for both our clients and workers.

We believe that catching a ride should be a source of relief, safety, comfort, and cheap as humanly possible . So from our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you and we truly hope you have a fabulous experience.

Our Mission

We simply aim for a cheap and affordable service for all. While trying to instill a sense of perfection in the products we make and the services we provide.

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