Redefining The Neighborhood
Driving System.

Ride With TheChipRide

Early mornings or late nights, we know your time is valuable and traffic could sometimes be terrible. So why not leave the driving to us instead.

TheChipRide Eats

Life gets busy at times, with early mornings and late evenings. Deciding on a meal to prepare can be frustrating, but with TheChipRide it’s just a click away.

Get your groceries and
convenience shop necessities.

You get grocery delivery the way you want it.

Have you run out of food and are rushing to run your errands? Why not let us handle it and we will get you
all the groceries you prefer. When you shop from home, stock your cart with fresh produce, freezer dinners, deli snacks, and other goods.

TheChipRide For Business

Things may get out of hand but managing your business should never be an issue. TheChipRide is here to ensure you get to your desired destination

TheChipRide CarRentals

Needing a car for a day, a week or months for that trip or special occasion, but you don’t own one. Don’t worry just say the word and it’s done.

Airport Pickup/DropOff

You value your time and so do we, with TheChipRide we do our best to ensure you arrive at the airport on time for your departure flights

Don't Drink & Drive Book a

Why drive drunk? When we can drive your car for you. Book a ride with TheChipRide your personal chauffeur.

TheChipRide CarRentals

Life can be stressful, but planning a trip shouldn’t be. So while you organize your bags, let us help you find a travel buddy and get you saving on cost.

TheChipRide Transport

Planning to travel to another city for that special weekend or doctor’s appointment? We’re here to ensure you get to your destination.

Download TheChipRide

Our app gives you access to our services.

Download your to get access right away

Career at TheChipRide

Spark your creativity with a company that cares and truly believe in you and the talents that you posses.

Drive with TheChipRide

Make the most of your time, with unlimited opportunities and a flexible schedule that works around you.

Own a Restaurant? Partner with TheChipRide

Having a visible presence increases your customer traffic, while simultaneously growing your business both locally..

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